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Hi y’all….if there is really anybody out there reading this…’s Tuesday afternoon and I haven’t been very good at keeping up to my promised Monday morning postings.  But, I’m squeezing some time in now.

Busy last couple of weeks.  The main thing occupying my time was placing the fall order.  All in all, we will have 46 new styles!!  Some of those are men’s, a big chunk are new women’s knee highs, and the other big chunk is a new line of women’s crew, or ankle high socks.  I know a lot of women out there like the funky socks but they don’t necessarily like the knee highs.  This line is for you!  It was also a little more fun for us because the designs could be a more complicated.  The knee high designs have to be fairly simple because more detail means more knots in the string, which makes a tighter sock, and harder to fit over varying calf widths.  With ankle high socks there is no need for the sock to ever strech over a calf, and therefore can be made with more intricate designs.  Yay!  So keep an eye out for a sushi, tacos, and even a veggies with faces socks.  All new styles to be in at the end of June, so be sure to check back then.

We also worked with a variety of different designers this round, all of them brand new this year.  Several from here in the Portland area, one from Lawerence Kansas, and then one from Sweden!  Having internet and e-mail makes working with designers from all over the world a breeze.  I hope to someday have a better outlet on the website to accept new designs, and then having a voting platform  similar to, where the customers vote and highly scored designs get produced, and then designers rewarded accordingly.  This is one of the many things I’d like to add to Sock it to Me to make it a better business that serves the people.  Always lots of ideas and a full plate, now if I could some how work figure out how to get by with 4 hours of sleep a night.  Truth be told I’m a big fan of 8 hours a night and I get kind of cranky if I don’t get it.  I don’t drink coffee (gasp!) and think I’m able to survive without it because I do get my full 8 hours…..Ok, getting off the subject now.  Let’s see, what other sock news do I have…

Basically I  want to run an awesome, efficient business,where the customers get a quality product for a fair price in an efficient manner, and where I make smart business decisions to keep the place running, the lights on, and the team paid.  The improvement list never ends; be it website updates, product design ideas, or fine tuning our systems dealing with getting product out, we will always have plenty to do.  Your comments, feedback, and suggestions keeps our changes relevant, so keep em coming!

I’ll leave you with some pictures sent in from  a customer who used our socks as part of their Oompa Loompa costumes for their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performance.  Enjoy!  And hopefully there is a little spring sunshine wherever you are!


Wearing the Juicy Fruit socks.


Test…..Test…..Is anybody out there?

AND does anyone find this of interest?  Carrie speaking here.  I’m going to to try and make a Monday morning habit of updating this blog….we’ll see how it goes…..

Hi folks!

Its hard to know where to start, considering Sock it to Me has been running, in some form or another, for 4 and a half years.  I’m also going to have to repeatedly remind myself that this is a blog about Sock it to Me and not my personal diary….

So right now it is Monday morning, I’m sitting at home in a reclined recliner, glasses and pajamas still on.  I can do this because no employees come in on Mondays.  Mondays are just a day of me working solo.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday  Amber and/or Alex come into help with packing up orders and bookkeeping.  We are all pictured below with our animals on our 08′ Holiday card that we sent out to our wholesale clients:

SITM 08' Holiday Card
Holiday Card 08'

So today I’ll respond to e-mails, talk to designers, make decisions about tradeshows, work on a newsletter, and try to convince large companies to buy from us.  I’ll eventually get out of my p.j.’s and head to the office, but no real hurry because most everything thing I need for today’s tasks can be accessed right here; through or on my handy little laptop.

Alright…better get to work.  Lots of kinks I still have to work out on this thing….like the time listed is wrong….they’ll get worked out eventually.   And there is lots more info to share.  I will be back.

Long live the socks!!!  Or, over and out.  Or, later dudes!  Or, thanks for tuning in.